Student life

Student life

Activities, hold at the faculty are aimed at comprehensive development of personality, disclosure of creative powers and capabilities of students. They are a literary and musical evenings, meetings with interesting people, scientific student conferences, debates, competitions, sports competitions at various levels, KVN, participation in city and regional competitions. Traditional events such as “The dedication to the students’ member”, “International students’ day”, “Christmas ball”, “Valentine’s Day”, “International women’s day”, “Nauryz”, “Fair of graduates”, “Scientific student conference”, “Week of Sciences”, “Olympiads”, “Olympics”, “Victory Day”, “Graduation Party”. Students of the faculty have an opportunity to attend the “Movie club” and “Toastmaster’s club”.

St. Valentine’s Day

Beauty mafia” KVN

Musical competition «Two stars»

1 May – International Unity Day

Kuzgi Bairam – Autumn Holiday

Movie club