7М02303 – Foreign philology

Name of the specialty:

7М02303 – Foreign philology

Passing through accreditation (year of passing, period of passing):

Training period:

Scientific-pedagogical direction – 2 years

Profile direction – 1; 1, 5 years

Graduated degree:

Master of Arts in specialty 7М02303 – Foreign philology

Sphere of professional activity:

The Master of Arts in specialty Foreign philology can work as a teacher at the university, as a research assistant, as a leading specialist of the Scientific Research Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as a scientific referent-philologist, as a literary employee in state organizations of culture and literature, as a scientific editor, as a scientific translator, as a consultant in publishing houses and editions of special journals.

Objects of professional activity:

The objects of professional activity of graduates of the master’s degree are universities and research organizations, cultural organizations and state and non-government departments, editorial offices and publishing houses.

Subject of professional activity:

The subjects of professional activity are: general scientific methodology and scientific and theoretical apparatus of philological science, techniques and principles of professional activity, editing, abstracting and annotation, conducting business talks, etc.

Types of professional activity:

– scientific and organizational;

– scientific-research;

– scientific and pedagogical;

– organizational and managerial;

– industrial and technological;

– editorial and publishing;

– cultural and organizational;

– activities in the media, etc.

Bases of practice:

Aktobe Humanitarian College, Aktobe Polytechnic College, media organizations “Rifma”, “Shamshyrak Aktobe”, lingvocentre “Darina”, training center “ISMA”, LLP “DreamBuilders”, LLP “International training”, training centre “A-school”.