7М02302 – Foreign language: two foreign languages

Code, name of the specialty: 

7М02302 – Foreign language: two foreign languages

Form of training, terms:

Day time – 2 years, 1; 1, 5 years


Awarded degree:

Master of Education in the specialty 7М02302 – Foreign language: two foreign languages

Sphere of professional activity:

  • primary, basic and specialized school;
  • specialized school, school-lyceum, school-gymnasium;
  • organization of secondary vocational and technical education;
  • higher educational institutions and scientific organizations

Objects of professional activity:

  • universities and research organizations,
  • organizations of secondary technical and vocational education, primary,
  • basic and specialized schools.

Types of professional activity:

  • scientific and organizational;
  • scientific-research;
  • scientific and pedagogical;
  • organizational and managerial;
  • industrial and technological;
  • editorial and publishing;
  • cultural and organizational;
  • activities in the media, etc.

Subject of professional activity:

  • general scientific methodology and scientific and theoretical apparatus of the EP «Foreign language: two foreign languages»,
  • methods and principles of professional activity,
  • experimental research, abstracting and annotation, conducting business conversations, etc.

Bases of practices and internships:

Aktobe regional state University named after K. Zhubanov, Faculty of Philology, Department of English and German languages